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Our consulting and research services fall into three major lines to support the customer experience value chain:

Unlike traditional brand consultancies or marketing research firms, we are business people first. Clients get leading edge, practical ideas that can be implemented with their customers to produce positive and often extraordinary financial results.

Syndicated Research

Brand Imperatives has recently launched two new syndicated services for companies in the digital entertainment products and services categories that desire more knowledge about their customers’ needs, attitudes, and desires. For more information about these services, please contact John Wong, Managing Partner, at john.wong@brandimperatives.com or Michael McDonald, Managing Partner, at michael.mcdonald@brandimperatives.com.

First Global Study to Track Digital Entertainment Consumers’ Desired Experiences
The global study provides a comprehensive look at desired emotional / experiential drivers, cross-category participation and its effect on device functionality and convergence, and the use of digital content and services. The study of 20,000 consumers is fielding in 10 countries to track and trend emerging consumer needs, attitudes, and behaviors of consumers who use digital entertainment products and services in four broad categories: video entertainment, music, gaming, and communication. The first pilot phase was fielded in the U.S. and is poised to field Europe and Asia. As the SVP of Marketing Research at leading technology described the study, "This is exactly where we need to go. No one is trying to understand the underlying experiential motivators and desires for digital entertainment and no one is trying to understand it globally. The best information we have today is device purchase and usage trends." Syndication partners receive a comprehensive report by country and have the option, for an additional fee, to add their own segmentation locater questions so that the data can be cut by their key customer targets.

US Lead Consumer Panel: “Digital DialogueTM”The Perfect Tool When You Need Customer Insights Fast!
Brand Imperatives has launched the first consumer panel for actively engaged digital entertainment consumers for companies who desire to build a close connection to customer needs and desires. The panel is designed to fill a consumer research void: typical research methods like focus groups and longer quantitative studies are just too slow and too expensive for fast-changing categories like digital entertainment and often leaving marketers and product development groups guessing. 1,000 US consumers screened for their interest and above average participation and usage of digital entertainment products and services. Panelists are engaged in a web-based community portal we designed to conduct short surveys we call QuickTakes.

Designed for fast consumer input and response, QuickTakes can be designed and fielded with results turned around in as few as five business days. Digital DialogueTM is a great tool to test messaging, product and service concepts, device featuring and functionality, etc. The panel can also be used to conduct discussion boards, polling both with our custom panel and an omnibus panel, and provision more typical research such as one-on-one interviews, ethnographies, and custom quantitative studies. Syndication partners buy access to the panel based on a minimum subscription of QuickTakes.